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Forensic Services

Video Waveform

Authentication of Recordings

Authenticity examinations of audio and video recordings are normally conducted on the alleged original media, and can usually determine whether the information is original, continuous, and unaltered.


The examination consists of, as appropriate, aural, physical, visual, magnetic, instrumental, metadata, and computational analyses, which can identify alterations, discontinuities, and duplication processes.

Conversion of Unique & Specialized Video Formats

Many unique and specialized video formats are able to be converted to standard formats readily usable by the client. Submitted formats often include miniature, professional, unique on-the-body systems, antiquated, and proprietary digital formats, such as those used in digital video surveillance recordings.

Video Enhancement

This analysis includes numerous digital processes to improve the visual quality of the video recording, including contrast adjustments, sharpening, static or dynamic magnification, deblurring, speed adjustments, and looping.

Identification of Video Recording Characteristics

Using EXIF and other embedded metadata, determine the various properties of the video recording, such as device make/model, date/time stamps, GPS coordinates, date/time of transfer, device software versions, evidence of editing software, and other capture-related information.

Additional Video Forensic Services

  • Video Imaging Tracking, Stabilization & Averaging

  • Video Enhancement

  • Preparation of Video Sequences

  • Preparation of Hard Copy & Digital Images from Video Sources

  • Redaction/Highlight of Designated Information from Recordings

  • Repair of Damaged Media

  • Photogrammetry

These digital analysis procedures center, remove/reduce motion effects, and average multiple fields/frames of moving objects in video recordings.


Specific examples include faces, license plates, and lettering that are difficult to discern due to camera shake, vehicle motion, time-lapse recording, or other movement problems.

This analysis includes numerous digital procedures to improve the quality of the video image, including magnification, de-convolution, filtering, masking, zoom, slow motion, looping, and gamma changes.

These procedures produce professional-quality video and/or audio clips of interest in a designated display sequence. Effects can include transitions, looping, slow motion, zoom, magnification, and titling.

This examination allows for the accurate digitization of analog video images, and the proper transfer of digital images, which are then used to prepare archival hard copies and digital images, in appropriate formats and sizes, of the individual video frames/fields.

This examination allows for specific aural and/or visual information to be obscured, removed, or isolated, as appropriate. This procedure is often requested based on a legal decision that certain recorded statements or individual's faces cannot be presented to the jury, or when only certain designated voices or individuals are pertinent.

Broken or damaged tapes, housings, and other components can often be repaired, which will allow proper playback and duplication.

This examination examines a specified object or objects within certain video frames or still images to determine characteristics such as speed/velocity, size, light direction, and other parameters. A site visit is typically required in a photogrammetry examination, in order to gather reference recordings and data used for the requested analysis


Technical Support & Training

Instruct attorneys, investigators, laboratories, examiners, and others regarding the scientific basis and methodology of forensic examinations of audio and video recordings; this can either be an individual consultation, or in a formal classroom environment. BEK TEK LLC personnel can also technically evaluate appropriate recording and analysis equipment.


BEK TEK LLC personnel can either provide technical assistance or conduct appropriate research in support of forensic areas, such as analog and digital video authenticity, enhancement, and signal analysis.

On-Site Evaluations

On-site evaluations of recorded visual information and environments require BEK TEK LLC personnel to travel to the designated locations, perform appropriate testing, analyze the collected information in the laboratory, and then draw conclusions regarding the collected material. Examples of these analyses include testing for the determination of the speed of a vehicle captured in a video recording, and evaluations of equipment that cannot be removed from its present location.

Expert Testimony Support

Provide expert testimony regarding laboratory examinations and on-site evaluations conducted by BEK TEK LLC personnel, and assist attorneys in cross-examination of opposing experts regarding their prior testimony, the scientific validity of their findings, their background and experience, and the methodology of their laboratory work.

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