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Forensic Services


Authentication of Images

Authenticity examinations of digital still images, often in a JPEG/JPG ("Joint Photographic Experts Group") format, are normally conducted on the alleged original or clone digital file, and can usually determine whether the image has been duplicated, transcoded or altered. The analysis consists of, as appropriate, digital file metadata reviews, visual inspections, and image data structure evaluations using specialized computer algorithms.

Identification of Image Characteristics

Using EXIF and other embedded metadata, determine the various properties of the image, such as device make/model, date/time stamps, GPS coordinates, date/time of transfer, device software versions, exposure information, and lens description.

Image Enhancement

This analysis includes numerous digital processes to improve the visual quality of the digital still image, including contrast adjustments, sharpening, magnification, and de-blurring.

Additional Image Forensic Services

  • Conversion of Specialized Digital Image Formats

  • Redaction/Highlight of Designated Information

Many unique and specialized image file formats are able to be converted to standard formats readily usable by the client.

This examination allows for specific visual information to be obscured, removed, or isolated, as appropriate. This procedure is often requested based on a legal decision that certain individual's faces or other specific objects in an image cannot be presented to the jury, or when only certain designated individuals or objects are pertinent.


Technical Support & Training

Instruct attorneys, investigators, laboratories, examiners, and others regarding the scientific basis and methodology of forensic examinations of digital image files; this can either be an individual consultation, or in a formal classroom environment.


BEK TEK LLC personnel can either provide technical assistance or conduct appropriate research in support of forensic areas, such as digital image authenticity, enhancement, and specialized analyses.

Expert Testimony Support

Provide expert testimony regarding laboratory examinations conducted by BEK TEK LLC personnel, and assist attorneys in cross-examination of opposing experts regarding their prior testimony, the scientific validity of their findings, their background and experience, and the methodology of their laboratory work.

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