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Our Team

& Experience

Read about BEK TEK LLC's associates and experience in the multimedia forensics field.

Douglas Lacey Bio

Douglas S. Lacey

Douglas S. Lacey is the owner of BEK TEK LLC and previously served as an Electronics Engineer/Forensic Examiner for the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1996 through 2003. In this capacity, he specialized in audio enhancement, authenticity, and signal analysis, as well as the analysis of digital recordings produced by proprietary law enforcement recorders and consumer devices.


Having joined BEK TEK LLC as a senior examiner, he brought with him extensive knowledge of the analysis of digital recordings. Mr. Lacey earned a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Audio Engineering program at the University of Miami and a Master of Science in Recording Arts, emphasis in Media Forensics degree from the University of Colorado Denver.


He has attended numerous specialized short courses and seminars, has 27 peer-reviewed publications in audio/video/image forensics, and has provided expert testimony in state and federal courts on over 70 occasions, as well as in front of the Ukrainian Parliament.


A more complete compilation of Mr. Lacey's background is listed in his curriculum vitae.

Bruce Koenig Bio

Bruce E. Koenig

Bruce E. Koenig, the senior examiner of BEK TEK LLC, has been involved in the forensic analysis of audio and video recordings on a full-time basis since 1974. Mr. Koenig was a Supervisory Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1974 through his retirement at the end of 1995, ending his career as manager and senior audio examiner for the Audio/Video Signal Processing program.


His formal education includes a B.S. degree with majors in Physics and Mathematics, and an M.F.S. degree in Forensic Science. He has published 50 peer-reviewed papers in his fields of expertise, testified as an expert witness on over 425 occasions, attended numerous seminars and specialized short courses, and has been actively involved in numerous significant investigations.


A more complete compilation of Mr. Koenig's background is listed in his curriculum vitae.

Government Clients

Sample List of Clients

  • U.S. Department of Justice

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Drug Enforcement Administration

  • U.S. Congress

  • Office of Independent Counsel

  • U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

  • Federal Trade Commission

  • U.S. Department of Defense

  • U.S. Department of Energy

  • U.S. Customs Service

  • United Nations Criminal Tribunal

  • National Academy of Sciences

  • District attorney's offices

  • Public defender's offices

  • Prosecuting attorney's offices

  • State attorney general's offices

  • Private law firms

  • Police/sheriff's departments

  • ​​Law school legal clinics

  • Bar associations

  • Private investigators

  • The news media

  • Insurance companies

  • Accounting firms

  • Major corporations

  • Labor unions

  • Small businesses


Significant Investigations

  • The Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinski recordings in the Independent Counsel investigation of President Clinton

  • The criminal prosecution of Robert Durst in Los Angeles, California

  • Several January 6 criminal defense cases

  • The criminal prosecution of Bill Cosby in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

  • Numerous recordings involving former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry G. Cisneros

  • The Archer Daniels Midland antitrust cases

  • The Branch Davidian occurrence in Waco, Texas

  • The United Nations Criminal Tribunal trials for the former Republic of Yugoslavia

  • The Sabrina Aisenberg kidnapping case

  • The U.S. Congress investigation of presidential campaign financing in the Clinton Administration

  • The former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma office recordings

  • The $2.7 billion fraud investigation of Richard M. Scrushy, former CEO of HealthSouth Corporation

  • The Duke University lacrosse team case

  • The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper vs. The Liberal Party of Canada civil case

  • The Sikorsky helicopter crash near Weaverville, California resulting in the death of seven firefighters, the pilot, and the safety officer

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