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Expert Forensic Services

BEK TEK LLC is dedicated to providing objective, scientific examinations of audio recordings, video recordings, and digital images.

Multimedia Forensic Services

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Our highly-qualified examiners possess preeminent scientific expertise and over 75 years of combined knowledge within the forensic audio/video/image disciplines, providing them with significant experience as expert witnesses, whether on behalf of the prosecution, the plaintiff, or the defense.

Audio Forensic Services

Our audio forensic experts enhance, authenticate, and analyze audio recordings for legal purposes.

Video Forensic Services

Our video forensic experts enhance, authenticate, and analyze video recordings for legal purposes.

Image Forensic Services

Our image forensic experts enhance, authenticate, and analyze digital images for legal purposes.

Authentication of Recordings

Voice Clarity Enhancement

Authentication of Video Recordings

Video Enhancement

Expert Testimony Support


Why Clients Choose BEK TEK LLC

Our professional examiners have direct experience working at the FBI forensic audio/video/image laboratory in Quantico, VA. In addition, they possess science/engineering degrees and extensive casework and testimony experience in the criminal, civil, and administrative sectors.


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Bek Tek audio forensics
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